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Thread: "2007 Rendezvouz"

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2007 Rendezvouz

Aaron Norlund

Hi all,

We'll be bring our W32 Pintail home at the beginning of July and are interested in participating in a rendezvouz here on the west cost of FL, or putting one together if there is any interest.

Chime in with thoughts.

And I guess this means I'll have to join WOA finally!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund

I'm overwhelmed with joy from the fantastic response from you FL Westies...


Terry Shoup

Organizing a rendezvous is like herding cats -- in the end, though, it's worth it! Hang in there.



I'll try to make it.

Rendezvous are always great. I think the thing to do is firmly announce that there'll be one and push it through, and folks will come. It doesn't work to ask limpidly, if there might be a Rendezvous will anybody come...?

SV Sea Breeze
Hinckley's, Savannah GA

Bud Taplin

Joe, I heartily agree with you. I am always available to do a mailing of owners in the area if you send me the basic info.


Hey Joe,

Remember us from Cooper River aboard Nereus? My wife, daughter and I met you when we left the boat in '04 for Thanksgiving week end.

Are you in West FL Now?



Where are we talking about as a possible location? Also when. It will be getting pretty hot here soon.

I'm in the Manatee River just south of Tampa Bay. There are a couple of other Westies around. Having hosted three rendezvous myself, I can attest all you have to do is decide to host one, announce it, and they will show up.

I never attended the previous SW FLA rondies, as I wasn't here at the time. The first one in Tarpon Springs had only one boat attend, but about 30 people drove in. The second was at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Pete and was apparently a hit - quite a few Westies in St. Pete Municiple.

I would certainly try to be there. I won't be much good at planning/hosting due to time constraints, but will be happy to offer advise.

I can recommend our marina here in Bradenton. The Twin Dolphin is beautiful and has great docks, services, and a pool. Plus, they are happy to accomodate get-togethers like ours. It is a little bit off the beaten path, but a real nice place. http://www.twindolphinmarina.com for marina site.

Aaron Norlund


I'd love to be the coordinator, but I'm about to head off to mate aboard a tallship for seven weeks. I won't be "back in action" until the beginning of July at which time we'll be focusing on getting Pintail home.

If we were to schedule a rendezvous in late July (27/28/29) or early August (3/4/5), I could still do a lot of the coordinating, though that's a poor time to ask people to sail in south Florida though - fluky wind, sizzling hot, etc...

Bradenton, St. Pete, and Tampa all sound great - I certainly could get up there. I had envisioned a rendezvous down in Charlotte Harbor where Turtle Bay could support ten or fifteen boats anchored for free, with Cayo Costa offering barbecues and a nice beach. Showers and all would have to be done aboard as there are no facilities there. Sort of a "rustic" rendezvous. The closest marinas are Millers (now called something else) and Burnt Store. The down side here is drivers would have to hitch a ride over, and it's a bit south of the majority of Westsail owners. So I think Bradenton or higher in lat would be best.

Let me know what you all think!

Aaron N.

Aaron Norlund

That makes sense, but I was thinking of a time that it'd be most convenient for me, of course! ( :] )

November sounds great. A week or two before Thanksgiving perhaps.

Aaron N.

Bud Taplin

Why not have it in the fall, when it is cooler, but before the hurricanes hit.


Hi all -- I didn't want Aaron to get back from his trip and see that he was the last one to post in support of the impending SWFL get-together...
We (the boat and I) are in Charlotte Harbor, but Bradenton, Cortez, Sarasota, I'm pretty sure I can get us up to wherever for a weekend. Looking forward to it.

-- JAH

Aaron Norlund

Thanks for the support.

We came alongside in Lunenberg two days ago, 10 days bound from Bermuda, 24 from Saint Croix. Looking forward to getting back and helping to put stuff together. Departing for Woods Hole tomorrow morning for an arrival on the 16th.

Fair leads from the foggy land,
Aaron N.


We are just in the initial stages of selecting our W-32. We plan to home port in the panhandle of Florida so keep us informed. It may be fall before we have her home. Don and Lana

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I arrived back in SW FL yesterday after staying aboard an extra two weeks to fill a sickened mate's position. I wound up flying right to Pensacola to prepare Pintail for the trip home. We arrived at daybreak after a three day trip. We made nearly 170 miles our first day and really like the boat.

So now a chat on dates in November!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

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