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Thread: "W32 For $25K"

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W32 For $25K

Christie Rowe

I don't know if everyone gets the other westsail digest from yahoo so I thought I'd repost this:

Westsail 32 in Portland for $25000

Posted by: "Craig" Weagant@Pacifier.com craig98660

Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:58 am (PST)

Hello Group. I have a Westsail 32 in Portland, OR that I would like
sell. It certainly is a project boat, but it is in the water, the
Perkins diesel runs well, and it has new bottom paint and a complete
epoxy bottom done in 06. It needs interior cushions and some updating
below, the bowsprit is cracked, and plenty of small issues, but the
hull an deck, engine and running gear, and mast and sails are in good

Thanks for allowing this post.

360 314 7505

Norm Rhines

Just in case others missed it, the other site is a yahoo group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/westsail/

It is mostly quite there, and was set up when the WOA had some server issues (about 4 or 5 years back). All are welcome (just send on a note that you have or want a westsail) I had to add the extra approval step as the spam dealers found the site 6 months back.

In any case Thanks Christie - for posting the sale message here (There is a better chance some one will see it here or on Bud's site)

Disclamer (I have never seen this vessel)

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