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Thread: "Bottom Paint Removal"

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Bottom Paint Removal

Hello Bud,

We have owned our W32 for a year and half. our boat has been in dry dock for about a year. We would like to remove all the bottom paint. We have a few minor blisters. What is your recomendation on the easiest way to remove the bottom paint? We are considering a chemical stripper. Do you recomend this? If so, what is the best and safest product to use?

Thanks for your help,

Bud Taplin

I believe that a light sandblast is one of the easiest and best ways to remove the bottom paint. Problem is that many yards will not permit it to be done. Next best would be a chemical stripper, probably the one that uses the sheets of paper like material over the stripper solution.



The Product is Peel Away Marine. I've not used it by I have used their other products restoring my land home. I am considering trying when I strip my boats bottom.


Why would some yards not allow sandblasting? Is this maybe peculiar to Calif (i.e. an environmental issue)? Or maybe just trying to avoid sand getting into everything around the boat?


Sand blasting is effective, but is hard to contain. Bottom paints are toxic and it becomes an environmental issue to clean up all the chips. Years ago you could get away with just leaving it on the ground - not any more. Here at work we are required to have total containment of the blasting and everything must be cleaned up afterwards. If the ground becomes contaminated we have to excavate and replace the soil! You can imagine what kind of mess that would be in a boat yard. You can find yards that will allow blasting but you will need to follow their rules. You will get superior results with blasting but it is not the simple way out.

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