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Thread: "Later Models"

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Later Models

Bud Taplin

Rod, Westsail built that last set of molds with the changes you noted, after about #630 or so. Can't say exactly though. The other change was a one piece molding of the hull, and the aperture faired in. They built bosses for the fathometer in the hull, and the bowsprit riser on deck.


Hi Bud,

My vessel is hull 809. Do you know the last number built?


Hi Bud, I wonder if you could tell me how many of the later model W32's with the rounded cabin top were made and whether they all have the same modifications or were the changes introduced progressively? I have only seen a couple with different cockpit arrangements but then they don't seem to have all the other changes which mine has. My W32 is hull #723.

The differences I've noted from comparing to other W32's are:
1. cockpit locker on port side;
2. flush lazarette aft;
3. totally different cabin top with rounded edges, moulded eyebrow and raised mouldings around hatches and mast step;
4. moulded stanchion post recesses;
5. seperate deep aft bilge;
6. moulded shower pan;
7. oval (w43) portholes;
8. wider decks (narrower cabin top);
9. moulded engine pan;
10.saloon skylight;

were there any other modifications on later models?

sincere thanks in advance.

W32 "El Viajero"


thanks for the reply Bud. I didn't know about the bowsprit riser, aperture fairing or boss being different but can now see them on my W32.

Bud Taplin

Don, My list of numbers runs pretty consistent up to #810, then jumps to #825, with none in-between, or beyond with a Westsail number. I do have nine additional boats with a BXL number, for P & M Worldwide.

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