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Thread: "Halyard Lengths"

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Halyard Lengths

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I was just about to sit down and splice out my new halyards for Pintail, but figured I'd pipe in to see if people have been happy with 100' halyards. Have you all found these to be long enough for all purposes - dinghy hoisting, heeling, etc?

Thanks for your time!

I'm trying to get as much of the stuff (that can be done off the boat) ready to go so I can concentrate on the things that require being aboard in order to get everything set to bring her home.

Thanks for your input!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Norm Rhines


100 is probably good, 105 might be better. (I store the main halyard attached to the lifline eye on the bow pulpit hand rail). 105 give me three coils instead of two. The wife hated my original 92' set.

For what it is worth.

Bud Taplin

I supply 100' halyards with my running rigging kit for the masthead halyards.

Aaron Norlund


I was going to purchase a running rigging set from you, but ran across two 600' spools of VLS Pelican double braid for a bargain, so I was going to base the lengths I spliced off of your kit.

Thanks for the help all,
Aaron N.

Dave Kall

The best I heard about length was from a rigger in Miami. He said that one (maybe all) the halyards should reach from the halyard winch to the water just in case you need it to haul someone back on board.

Flip & Pamela Mulliner

Is the 100' for a W32? What about for a W43?

Bud Taplin

Halyards should be double the length of the mast plus another 15' or so. A single spreader W42/43 mast is 50', and a double spreader one is 55'. 1/2" rope is usually used for the W42/43.

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