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Post: "Question On Posting Pics"

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Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

I suspect that the fault may be with your browser. There's this note in the instructions: "Your browser must support form-based file upload (Netscape Navigator 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+ support this; IE 3.02 will also work provided that you have installed the file upload patch)."

I happen to know that Safari and Firefox for my Mac also work just fine. But, what leads me to think that it's your browser is that you were able to type \image{pic satori} and have it actually show up in your reply. It should have had this pop up: . Matter of fact, I had to do some special formattng to make \image{pic satori} show up in this posting. So, what you've done so far is correct. So, check your browser preferences to make sure that you don't have something turned off that disallows "form-based file uploads".


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