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Norm Rhines

Some comments from a water maker user

1.) Bigger is better (OK mostly) here is why: the first 1.0 gal goes overboard because it is the startup liquid (May have higher salt and?) this is standard for all systems so if you make 120 gal/day = 12min of wasted time and power At say 18amps/hr, but on a 720gal/day = 2min of wasted power at 45 amps/hr.

2.) how much water do you use? I use 0.5 to 5gal max / person/ day = 20 gal max or 40 gal max every other day = one tank. So if I can fill that tank in 1.3Hr at 720/hr but it will take just over 8.3hr with the 120/hr see the issue. Running the smaller system each day makes the times even longer (startup / shutdown would add to 20 min. to the times or 9 hrs of power and inspection.

3.)using solar to make water is real iffy I have 320Watts of panel and I can make up to 20 amps for 1 to 3 hr but more common I make 15amps for 2 hr and 5 amp for the other 8 so the water maker is a power pig even at 15amps. I can spare 30Amp hr /day and serve my other need, but this does not work well because of the startup and shutdown water losses. If I add a wind generator this issue may go away. Power is your guide to sizing your operation more solar and wind = smaller system less solar and wind = larger system and running the motor for 1 hr every other day = about 10 gal of dinosaur / month and a hope that some is used to move the boat some where.

4.) Maintenance is a pain also, once started you need to run it every other day weather you need water or not, at least until you pickle it (more water usage for this process). Also you are operating a water plant = you should be checking it every 15 min. not bad during 1 or 2 hr operation but for 8 hr it is a pain. also expect to be at the controls during the full startup and at the shut down.

Lastly FYI never get small or large air bubbles onto the membrane as it tears it up.

Good luck and congratulations on becoming a water treatment plant operator.

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