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Kevin Donahue and Marilyn Falconer

I have an old S/L reference guide lists the B74 as an all chain gypsy for 3/8BBB or 9.5mm European.

Pitch (the inside length of the link)is the key dimension in fitting chain to a gypsy.

5/16HT has a pitch of 26.0mm, 3/8BBB has a pitch of 27.5mm. Size for size BBB chain has shorter links than HT/G4.

Due to their slow operating speed (directly tied to ones aderenaline level)manual windlass gypsys were designed with tappered pockets that allowed for a loose fit. Often multiple sizes of chain can be fit, like in Bud's RCB 70 example above. On a horizontal windlass typically only 2 pockets are completely engaging the chain at any time. As a result you have some flexability in chain fit.

With a differance of only 1.5mm per link, you may want to get a 12' length attach some weight to the end of it and see if it works on your existing gypsy.


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