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Post: "Another Asymmetric Spinnaker Question!"

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Aaron Norlund


The asymmetric I use has a 43' luff, and I don't think I could get much more on there. I can just barely get the luff tight as it is! So I doubt a 45' luff would work on anything above a broad reach; you wouldn't be able to get the luff tight enough. But it's fairly inexpensive to have a sail recut up there.

Keep your eye on ebay as I've seen four or five asymms over just the past couple of weeks with the right length luffs.

As for dimensions; I think with asymmetrics, you only need to know the luff, sail area, and cloth weight. If it's 950 sq/ft and has a 43' luff, it'll probably work. The leech/foot is going to be fairly consistently in proportion, with the leech of the asymm always being shorter than the luff, but longer than the foot. The cloth weight is usually a good indicator of the belly cut of the sail. A .75oz chute will have a bigger belly and likely only be good up through a beam reach; 1.5oz will probably be flatter and able to carry a bit more to windward, and in higher winds.

If you have a big genoa, I'd go for a .75oz sail as you'll use the genny when going to windward for it's better shape.

Just don't get something with a longer foot than your boat! If you want, I can measure my asymmetric some time; I don't know the foot/leech measurements. But it has a 43' luff and is right about 950 sq/ft.

Aaron N.

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