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Mike McCoy

That's exactly what I was thinking of doing. I like the nylon/rubber strap idea... it eliminates me having to install a bail on the boom. Especially since initially I'm not exactly sure where it should be ideally located.

Sounds like you discovered that the best location is '1/3 aft' point on the boom. Good to know as I was thinking more like 2/3 rds aft.

Interesting idea using two vangs. You don't find leaving the vang/preventers rigged (on both sides) causes too much 'tackle clutter' when wanting/needing to move forward on the windward side?

I'm curious why you abandoned the rubber 'shock absorber' for a nylon strap. Think the Nylon has enough stretch to prevent undue shock during a gybe? Or do you loosen both vangs and only haul the lee side tight after the gybe?

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