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David Wiencke

Here's the photo of the stays'l track placement on W32 Neverland. I'm going to guess that this was "factory" installed (1976), as there is no evidence of a previous stays'l boom installation. It looks very close to the placement on the drawing that Bud posted.
I don't think I'ld be tempted to use a boom setup because, in my limited experience with a jib boom, although convenient for tacking in close quarters, I'm never quite satisfied with how the sail sets. The track allows the ability to fiddle with the lead to get the best shape.
Also if you ever want to fly a different size sail like a stays'l genoa, you'll want the ability to adjust the lead.
When tacking, I often wait to release the staysail, backwinding to help bring the bow around. Which leads into the best reason to be able to easily backwind the jib: heaving-to.

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