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Michael Yuille and Rosemary Wilson

Thanks for the input from everyone. I also found a step by step video for installation of the Maxprop at the Max-prop site that takes all of the guess work out of it. A number of reports indicate that because the blades rotate to accommodate both forward and reverse, the Maxprop actually improves a boats performance in reverse because the blades bite better due to their ability to orient in relation to the boats direction whereas a fixed blade prop apparently does not have this advantage.
Since the boat arrived in September of 2007 we have installed new chainplates, water tanks, fuel tanks, rewired the mast, made and installed new boomkin, refinished all exterior and interior wood, changed a number of engines systems, set up for light air sails (genoa and spinnaker), designed and installed new winch bases and Murray primary winches, etc, etc. We had a great time sailing all of last summer with short and long cruises. The kids (4 of them) had a great time and, as could be expected so did we with a healthy mix of successes and minor mishaps.
This winters projects are to install a new W/C bronze/porcelain head, stay'sl release, and hopefully some other tweaks. I will do Dave Kings modifications at some point as well but, as with Rome, not all in one day. We plan to put a letter together showing the progressions of the boat from 1,000 plus pieces to a functioning craft. It's been great fun. Thanks again and perhaps you'll see a record of our projects in an upcoming newsletter . All the best of the season!

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