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Mike McCoy

Actually that 'green crud' is a crust of copper sulfate or copper chloride that forms on bronze/copper/brass in a salt air/water environment. The proper term for it is verdigris.

I'm almost sure the portlights originally had a 'mirror' finish. I've polished a bit of one using brasso and it does end up looking very shiny/polished. The problem is all the nooks/crannys of the portlight that would be virtually impossible to polish properly with something like Brasso. I keep trying various wipe-on/wipe-off 'miracle cleaners' but nothing has worked yet. Thus I think it's just going to take removing them and using elbow grease/buffing wheel/etc. to polish them properly.

I'm not sure De-Bond would work for you. It's made specifically for 5200 and unless you know someone recaulked your portlights with it you would just be wasting money (and it isn't that cheap).

I just haven't figured out how De-Bond is supposed to migrate into the bond between the object and surface or even if it does. The only way I've been able to get it to work is to get a bit of 5200 peeled away from the surface and keep the working edge wet with De-Bond. Then sure enough the 5200 slowly peels away. However, I think my particular problem is the 5200 has got into the irregular 'pores' and grain of the wood which is making it extremely difficult (if not impossible)to remove without removing/destroying the surface of the wood.

As far as the portlights go it wouldn't really matter if the veener came loose *under* the portlight rim. But what you absolutely want to avoid is 'tearing' the veneer along the grain (horizontally) away from the portlight. And if you aren't careful that's exactly what happens. After working with it the plywoodwood/veneer bond seems awfully weak to me. I wonder if the glue originally used to laminate the veneer to the underlying plywood has slowly degraded over the years.

It sounds like you already removed at least one. How did that go?

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