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Bud Taplin

They built the Westsail 42's after I left the company, and I believe that what happened was that they used foam to fill in some areas, and also put a piece of plywood over the top of the ballast. This was to make the layer of fiberglass over the ballast easier to put down smoothly. We did not do it that way as long as I was there. We used mishmash to form a smooth layer over the top of the ballast. The grey layer is mishmash, a filler we used at the time, consisting of resin mixed with asbestos powder. Not advisable to do much grinding on this layer.
Evidently when they did the ballasting, they left some voids in the steel punchings that were not sealed with resin, mishmash, or foam. Also, the plywood over the ballast has rotted on some boats, and let water into any void areas of ballast.
In my opinion, some voids and water in the ballast is probably not too serious a problem. I have never heard of any expanding of the ballast due to rusting that has compromised the fiberglass hull. Thank goodness for the use of lots of fiberglass mat and roving used on the Westsail hulls. How would you feel if you had one of the production boats that have a thin fiberglass skin with a foam core.

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