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Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

This started out as a 'group buy' discussion but I realized I really didn't have enough info to make a purchase just yet.

So, I'm looking for advice and opinions on watermakers. I'm currently leaning towards a Ventura made by Spectra. Low energy consumption, 12 VDC operation and modular construction are high on my list of 'wants' and the Ventura seems to fill all of these. But I've also heard good things about the Small Wonder and No Frills units built by Village Marine Tec. A thread I read somewhere said that the Spectra units used standard sized filtration cartridges while Village Marine had their own proprietary catridges which were an odd size making them more expensive and harder to find. Another guy somehow managed to buy only the pumps from Spectra and put his own system together. I'd love to save a buck but I also want something dependable that I can get serviced if I run into anything beyond my abilities.

So. Recommendations? Advice? Opinions?

BTW, this is going on a W28 so space is a big issue.


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