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Post: "Boom Gallows - How To Use?"

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Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hi Rod
The gallows are there mainly for the following reasons.

To support the boom in port or at anchor (Prevents slapping.)

To Lock the boom in a fixed position when using a trysail (a loose footed storm sail where the boom isnt used) and when the main is furled away in a blow (even if the trysail is not used - it will locate and lock the boom.

During normal sailing - ie with mainsail used, then the boom should clear the gallows at all times. Take a small lift on the topper, then tension the halyard (ie - make sure the sail is fully hoisted, then release the topper (topping lift) slightly to allow a slight sag in the lift. The sail should easilly clear the gallows. The kicker, even when hauled, should not allow the boom to catch the gallows. If you find the boom sitting on the gallows with the sail hoisted, then the sail is probably not hoisted fully, or maybe jamming at the top.

You can also use it to assist in reefing (the side positions are sometimes helpful) but you may well have to slacken the topping lift to drop the boom into the gallows as the main halyard is released (easier than it sounds !)

(ps - other uses are - a great hand hold, supporting a bimini, attaching mob poles etc, attaching cockpit screens, hanging washing, hoisting a shower head, and drying fish :-) ..) - Hanging diapers (nappies in the UK) there will usually give you a clear berth or anchorage - toying a small toy boat also works lol :-) )

Hope that helps and nice to meet up Sir.

Joe n Jayne

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