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Aaron Norlund


I have experience with the CQR, Delta, danforth-style, fisherman and the new Rocna. We currently have a 45lb CQR as our working anchor, but intend to replace it with a Rocna 15 as soon as possible.

- The CQR works OK, but doesn't set reliably. It feels fine when you're setting it, but if the wind comes up in the night, I find myself waking up to check bearings often as I can feel it creeping.

- Delta is better, but has similar issues.

- Danforth is super in mud and sand, but is big and doesn't fit on the bowsprit. Terrible in weedy/grassy areas, which we have loads of here. Good stern anchors though.

- Fisherman only works well in rocks, but is better than any other there. I intend to have a two-piece fish in my bilge when we go north.

- The Rocna though, is a truly amazing anchor. I used one aboard a friend's Tayana 55 for a couple weeks. It sets hard every time in seconds and does not drag. It's an amazing advance in anchor technology and I swear by it. I also can sleep well with it because I have seen it hold that big boat steady in 60kts wind, all on its own without particularly good holding or scope. I call it the "sleeping pill".

The Rocna won't fit well on the standard box bowsprit W28s and W32s have, but can be sucked up tight enough to be safe, albeit a bit gawky and in the way. We intend to replace our square, deck mounted bowsprit with Bud's exterior, tubular bowsprit to enable us to carry this anchor (as well as ease the entrance to the bowsprit for my folks).

If you're going to buy a new anchor that will fit well on your boat, go with a Delta. Don't buy a knock-off anchor, such as the Manson line of CQR and Deltas. They do not make the anchors up to spec. However, Delta and Rocna anchors are on par cost wise; I know which way I am going. I'm sure one could find a way to safely care the Rocna on a standard bowsprit. Even if you left it hauled taut on your bobstay when coastal and removed it for ocean passages, I think it's worth it.

To check on Rocna anchors, go to:
Rocna Anchors

We will carry the Rocna as main, a small danforth on the stern, and a fish and perhaps another. Hope this helps!

Happy hawsing,
Aaron N.

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