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Ralph and Sandra Weiland


Thanks for the reply. Strictly, this is not a Dutchman with monofilament running vertically from top to bottom through grommets in the body of the sail. I've attached a rough sketch of what I think the system looks like. (When I bent on the main there were balls missing and the cord was in two or three pieces, so this is my best guess until I try it out and modify according to what I find --- coming up tomorrow.) image{self-flaking}
There are 13 grommets in the sail's leach and there were 4 or 5 stainless O-rings through which the topping lift runs. I am using parachute cord (3/16" diam double braided) which runs between pairs of grommets through the O-ring on the lift. The chord is just long enough to be taut when its two grommets are on the boom (i.e., that part of sail is flaked) and the ring is at the bottom of the topping lift. The balls I am referring to are 1/2" diameter and attached to each end of the reefing chord by a set screw (although a simple knot would work as well and if the system is as shown, a loop through the grommets would suffice, eliminating the balls altogether, but we'll see when I try to use it.) I can find zero information on this type of flaker - not even a name - but I'm going to persist with it until I make it work, or it dissolves in sweat from trying. Any information anyone can supply would be extremely welcome.


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