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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Ahoy Mates,
Jon, I completely understand, and I think I can shed some light on your problem. I just spent an entire afternoon draining the small amont of remaining fuel from both original steel tanks on my 1974 W32. I'm talking about 12 gallons in total. Port tank cutoff valve had failed, frozen in open position. I took the hose directly from that tank and started draining into a container. Barely a stream, I mean pathetic. I thought, well it's probably just the valve. NOPE! Anyway, I ended up after almost an hour starting to siphon off the top and that went much faster. Then I moved to the starboard tank on which the cutoff valve operated perfectly. Open the line, expect a really good flow. NOPE! Same amount of stream, only a tiny bit better flow. Had to siphon off the top again. Of course, after siphoning off the top, I did let the remainder in each tank gravity discharge the rest. My opinion, grime and crud has coated the bottom of both tanks, interfering with the feed of fuel. I hope to break open a tank after I get them off as I have never seen the inside of a 34 year old diesel fuel tank and am curious. By the way, the prior owner had them professionally flushed just a few months ago. Maybe steam cleaning would have been better. Good luck.

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