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Joe Kovacs

This is my experience. Be aware that, if the appearance of the Cape Horn wind steerer is important to you, you have to specify what you want firmly. Thus...

Yves Gelinas advertises with the installation on Toucana, with the wind steerer tucked up neatly under the boomkin. What he supplies, though, is a wind steerer that goes in there nicely but halfway down to the water. Bud's pictures show the ones he actually supplies clearly. If you think you're getting the Toucana style installation and have your heart set on it, you have to firmly and clearly specify that in your order.

I have the latter, like in Bud's pictures. I wish I had specified a hwt of 65" instead of 53".

There are several set screws in holes threaded into relatively thin tubing. Specify that, instead of threaded holes, these are to be nuts welded onto the tubing. There's not enough thread to work with in the tubing wall.

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