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Post: "Buying New Mainsail...need Opinion."

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Eric Olander

I've decided to delay my purchase of a canopy and use the money to buy a mainsail. I haven't one at the moment and after almost a year of ownership I have never sailed my boat. WTF?! Time just slips by so quickly!

The W28 mainsail dimensions I copied from Aarons thread are as follows;
Luff 38' 3"
leech 15' 10"
foot 40' 6"

I seem to remember reading about reducing the foot for better balance or something like that so I'm wondering if W28 owners have, over time, found different sail dimensions to work better.

Should I have the sail people recut the sail to different size or go with the dimensions listed here? Any other suggestions such as battens, cars, etc? I'm determined to sail (not motor) to the Chesapeake rendezvous in September, but I know nothing about sails. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks, Eric
W28 Clementine
Last modified: 15 Jun 2011 11:23 AM | Eric Olander

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