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I have had some amazing results with an in hull transducer installation. I bought one of the larger Lowrance plotter/sonars and used the inexpensive transom mounted transducer supplied with it. Lowrance want $300-500 for a thru hull unit and about $200 for an in hull puck only suitable for flat mounting.
I went down to the hardware store and played around with standard white drain pipe. I used a 4" end fitting along with a screw-on inspection cover. The type with the square on the top to get a wrench around. I made up a cardboard template to resemble the hull shape in the hanging locker then used this as a guide to cut the pipe angle on a chop saw. I then used a common epoxy putty to glue his to the hull. After mounting the tranducer to the modified inspection cover I filled the pipe fitting with mineral oil and screwed in the transducer. The assembly is very strong, looks not too bad and can be unscrewed for maintenance. I has been working at better than specifications for a year now. Total cost around $20. If you are concerned about the signal strength in different locations I would suggest you build dams from modeling clay large enough to hold sufficient water and then immerse the transducer temporarily. The whole idea is to keep air bubbles out of the water/oil.
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