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David King

Ahoy Peter,

As Norm showed, it's hard to beat More sails. But if there is only one then lets try this: I will vary what you considered, a bit, and generalize a lot, as there are many variables - namely - direction. 1) full sail with Yankee. 2) 1st reef in Main. 3) drop the Yankee. But maybe leave it up and add 2nd reef to Main. 4) Staysail and double reefed Main. 5) Drop Main or 3rd reef it, or raise Trysail. 6) Staysail is up alone. It has remained up the whole time.

I have a reefable Staysail. It is actually reefed 35% to 50% of the time although it is not a deep reef. That is one more option that is low cost. I keep the Staysail on the boom. I know that Carol Hassey recommends no boom.

Once again, there are many exceptions. It is almost always advantageous to have "something" up forward. Even a small storm jib can do wonders directing the air flow over the staysail even though it's area seems insignificant. Compared to other W-32's, Saraband will seldom be seen without a Staysail up. Sailing deep, ie, well off the wind, is an exception.

In summary: I recommend a small working jib of about 177 sq ft and a 300 sq ft Yankee. But, if only one, then a 254 sq ft Yankee. I think Carol Hassey was pretty close on this quess. This sail should balance very well with your Main and Staysail in many different configurations.

Carol Hassey will build a very good sail. Kern Ferguson will build a very good sail for about 40% less. He knows Westsails like no other sail maker.

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