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Norm Rhines

Peter one suggestion and a data point

Do the rendezvous and ask for a ride to see the balance on a W32 for your self.

My sails i.e. One data point:
I have and Love a 205 working jib from Kern
I have and love a 300+/- jib (kind of like a super yankee) I added two small patches and saved it from the trash can
I have and love my 420 or 440+ft (memory fault) drifter By Neil Pride

Used all 3 but....
only the 205 in Hawaii, --on all my days there. If I did not have it, there would have been many times I would have been over powered (over Heeled alot)

As for balance the 205 is pretty close to right on the money, But the bigger sails balance without the stay up in Lighter air or down wind(Although Aaron had a thought on leaving the stay up, which I will try when I do get a chance.)

As Dave said, Bill is still over there and a really great guy! don't over talk him, and you will get some excellent information and stories. The other item not mentioned is minnies SP? sail supply, for used sails Or hunt the racers trash for the (Extra) sails you would like. No blow outs but patched old stuff. In my opinion one should have one new and if funds are tight one used Jib in the size range (177 - 300) i.e splitting somewhere around 240+/- both will work but like Dave said there are conditions where big works best and others where the smaller works better, and worst case, the used sail blows out, and you have a new jib that will work maybe not perfict but will get you there.
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