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Bob Meade

Hi Steve,
We are the 4th owners of Treasure. She is a Ca. boat and the story goes like this- The original owner ordered a factory finished boat from Westsail corp. and they apparently worked on the boat 'til the factory shut down in '79-'80. The boat wasn't quite finished and the owner went to the factory and retrieved it. trucked her all the way back east (Conn. I believe) and hired a retired boat builder to finish her off. The retired boat builder was not highly motivated as it took 8 years! to complete the project. He did however do a superb job. She was then sailed through the Caribbean, through the canal and on up the west coast and sold. The next owner sailed her around Puget Sound and sold her to the guy we bought her from. He and his girl friend had plans to sail to Hawaii and beyond but put back into port in Portland Ore. and sold her to us.
Her original name was CZARDAS and remained that until we bought her. After a year of hearing " Nice boat, whas that name mean?" ( It's a Hungarian folk dance fer peats sake) and me bein' Scots I began makin' up stuff about what the name means. You know stuff like - "its Hungarian fer ya ask alotta questions ya gomeral" - or- "It's Hungarian and ya just offered to by me a drink, mate". My wife found this behavior very unattractive so we did the JV ceremony had a priest bless her and changed her to Treasure.
As a landscape designer I would like to point out that using a Westsail as a lawn ornament is totally inappropriate, an old toilet bowl full o' flowers ? fine, an old bed made into a flower bed (get it?) sure, but your Westsail??? I'm jus sayin.......

The best of luck on your project
Bob and Dawn on Treasure

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This site is provided as service to Westsail Owners by  Jack Webb (s/v Drifter, Westsail 32, Hull #438)