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Steve Waterman

Bob Meade wrote: Hi,
We upgraded to a Force 10 stove two years ago and as liveaboards we could not be happier with our stove. The part # is frc 60351. This is a 2 burner model, gimballed, with an oven and broiler all works great. The overall width is approx.22 1/4 inches wide ( check the manf. specs if you are not sure they also make a euro model that is smaller and a 2 burner with broiler ONLY if you don't need the oven).The 2 burner w/ oven and broiler was a perfect fit for our factory finished boat ( #810 ). One of the easiest upgrades we have done so far, $ 1,000.00 - $ 1,200 US seams to be the going rate. All the parts we needed were in the box. Good luck. hope it goes as well for you as it did for us.
Bob and Dawn on "Treasure"
Hi Bob and Dawn,

Thanks for the data. I was close to buying a Force 10 or Seaward. There just happens to be one in stock at Hamilton Marine here in Maine. I think I will get the two burner model. I have been tearing my hair out to find replacement REAL propane burners for this Shipmate and can't locate anything except kerosene burners that have been 'worked on.' My wife said she wants a new stove, so that took care of it. I just bought HERON (#809) and am upgrading a lot of stuff. Batteries, chart plotter, VHF with AIS, automatic solar powered vent fan, and that's about it for now. Hope to launch in early June. Next investment is an electronic device that will scare away seagulls. If that works I'll get the Maine fishermen's version of the Medal of Honor.

I could not find a part number as you listed, but it is probably because they have changed something and changed the numbers. Are you the first owners of 810? Was your boat built in CA or NC? I am the fourth owner and don't know who the original owner was. The second owner died of that bad leukemia that nails you in a couple years. The third owner lives about 20 miles from me and the boat was in VA. I had it hauled home by truck and it is sitting in dooryard now as a huge lawn ornament. Check out the photos. http://Gallery.me.com/justasailor

All the best,

Steve Waterman

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