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Post: "Anyone Use A Rocna Or Manson Anchor On A Westsail Bowsprit"

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Jeff Matthiae


Lighthouse has got great customer support. When I initially installed it I didn't have the caprail on and had the windlass mounted on a 1-1/2" piece of teak. When I realized that I would need it higher for the caprail I took it off and figured out what height I needed. I called Lighthouse and they told me how to remove the down tube and had me send that and the shaft to them. I think the day after they received it they had the new downtube and shaft (along with the original) shipping back to me for just a very small charge.


I occasionally get an odd piece of teak locally but most of my teak I get from Maritime Wood Products in Stuart, FL www.maritimewoodproducts.com I buy all my teak rough sawn although they will mill or resaw to your specifications. I also used their Teak Installation Epoxy (similar to the stuff from TDS) and Teak Deck Caulk when installing the caprail. They have been great to work with, very helpful in picking out boards, I've never received any junk boards that you can get when ordering bundles... Last time I ordered, about a year ago, I paid around $18/bf It varies somewhat with the thickness. The 12/4 for the curved part of the caprail was quite a bit more. The newer Hunters around me have that synthetic teak and it is really hot in the sun. I've seen that quite a few people have started using ipe, I just really like the teak.

Bud really does a great job of supplying you with just about everything you need. The pulpit, along with all of the mounting hardware was part of the kit. The only thing I added was the teak boards, the LED nav lights and made teak spacers from my old boomkin wood for the forward mounting pads that are hidden in the pictures.

I played around with the location of the mast pulpits before drilling any holes. For me they are at a comfortable distance and I don't feel crowded to the mast. If they are to far away I think you would lose their benefit. As my boat is still in the project stage I haven't been able to give them a good test sailing, but on other boats that I've sailed on with mast pulpits I've always welcomed them. I chose the bun hugger design for a little extra support on a pitching boat.


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