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Post: "Forestay And Jib Luff Tension"

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David King

I wanted to say something funny but after, just now, seeing the photos of Elizabeth Ann under sail, I could not think of anything humorous. This is what it looks like to me. (please put a rag in your mouth and bite hard while reading) Why is the Staysail not up? Why is the Yankee up in 25k when the smaller jib would work better? PLEASE remember those immortal words of Kern Ferguson, "Luff length is performance. Foot length is Crew abuse" The Staysail has another 30 feet of luff. Yes, your Yankee luff is way too loose and your Headstay also. The sheet is too tight. The result is a big "bag" that is just pulling you sideways. The smaller, working Jib, is almost all luff. The Mainsail luff is too loose also and the sheet too tight - same as the Yankee. Also the Main outhaul, even when reefed, should be tighter. You need to flatten your sails better but by using foot tension instead of sheet tension. Next time out, try the Staysail with or without the Yankee. In 25k of wind a W-32 should easily be able to do 7.3k and keep the rail out of the water. If just sailing for fun, I would have a double reefed Main, reefed Staysail, and small Jib, maybe rolled up a bit. I'd be doing 7.4k. More sail could be carried but with very little gain and less comfort.

5.5k in 25k of wind is Pathetic. Is your knotmeter accurate? What kind of boat took the pictures? Re-tune, re-trim, and ask for another photo shoot. And get back to us.

Anonymous, but faster.

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