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Steve & Joan

Remaining quantity (~20 feet) sold to fellow WOA member.


If you desire same product, my source is:

Quick Cut Gasket
192 Erie Street
Lancaster, NY 14086

Minimum quantity = 40?
Price per foot = $0.90

Description = .266SQ SIL70

Note: Standard Silicon Rubber therefore will be orange in color.

1. Scrape out track where old gasket resided with small tip flat blade screw driver.
2. With small wire brush, clean mating?knife edge? of associated glass portal frame.
3. Vacuum track and port light areas.
4. Obtain new gasket material, starting at top dead center (12 o?clock), work gasket in to track, until meeting starting end.
5. Cut with wire cutter at right angle, ensuring clean cut.

Note there should be a gap of ~1/8?

6. Close portal light and inspect for fit.
7. Remove new gasket material. Measure for similar installation, and cut accordingly.

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