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Norm Rhines

I guess I did not fully expound upon the safety thing that is improved by roller furling.

Not only is it more common to change sails but on my last trans ocean voyage I had a 100# crew member, which was able to deploy the jib or roll it back in without waking other crew or myself and without going forward. Which = better rested crew = safer voyage and safer boat. I also use two head sails one 215 and a 300 which I change depending on the run (my normal change seams to be every 1000 miles)

The care a maintenance of sails? not sure on that. My bagged sails stored below on the boat are not in as good as condition as the furled sail, and in the tropics this is even more so. If you have AC this may not be the case.

I do not really use mine as a reefer so (sail stretch may be an issue???) I hear that sail makers add foam or line to compensate for this??

As for failure at sea: Maintain it, inspect it, or just roll the dice ( my preference is for the first two, it is not that hard to do. ) Also a note which all seam to say (If you carry spares for it, it will never break)

For my recommendations
if you are just making long passages to big ports
Furling Jib, Hank on stay sail.
if you are going to go around the world and stop in all kinds of tight small and unimproved harbors with reefs.
Furling Jib, Furling Stay sail and retractable lazy jacks on the main.

Again the sailing safety issue (If that other system fails "dino burner") a furler makes getting in and out of a harbor so much easier.

Lastly there are those out there who would say NO to anti lock brakes (another system) but I kind of like things that make it easier and safer for me and my crew albeit with a small failure risk increases. (the pay off is usually a longer life)

There you have it, the norm view.

p.s. Always look and think for yourself, don't just do it because others do, and you will be a wiser person for it.

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