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Aaron Norlund

Hi all,

My father and I are finally in the process of purchasing a W32. She needs some interior work and exterior paint, but is sailable; we'll be bringing her home under via sail.

However, the boat needs all new running rigging. I have used double braid Dacron on boats in this size range. In fact, nearly everything I've sailed on in this size utilizes some sort of double braid. I've worked aboard a few tallships, having over a year logged on board, and the line of choice there is three strand, twisted polyester. These are clearly in different categories size wise.

I absolutely love three stand polyester - on the big boys, they use 3/4-1" for everything; sheets, halyards, control lines. I would like to use three strand polyester aboard our new W32 for its comfort, memory, and ease of splicing, but have read and been told by many sources that it is not "suitable" for halyard or sheet use. Clearly that isn't true as it's done on the tallships on which I've worked, but I'm curious if, when used as smaller lines (ie, 1/2" like would be used on the W32), there are issues.

Does anyone have experience with three strand, twisted polyester on W32s or comparable boats? I realize there is more stretch in three-strand, and there is a difference between filament and spun lines - I just don't have direct experience with <1/2" twisted polyester for halyards and sheets.

Thanks for your time!
Aaron Norlund

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