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I was going through the membership area of the website and found a sizable list of members out there on both coast. I'm sure some of them are no longer active, but none the less, there still remain numerous members.

Besides sailing, my other passion is two wheel travel with my old BMW motorcycle. I also belong to their organization since 1985. One of their most interesting attributes is something called their Anonomous Book. It is a list of members all over the country (Canada also). The list (about 20,000)does not have their names posted, but has their contact information and a series of alpha symbols of what this member is willing to provide to other members.

Some of those services are; mechanical help (m), parts available (p), coffee & conversation (kk), emergency help (e), spare room (r), and about 15 other various types of assistance.

I mention there are about 20,000 in the list but the members group is about 40,000 strong. So obviously, people list themselves voluntarily and just have the symbols that tell you what they are willing to do for other members.

In the 22 years I have been in this club, I have read hundreds of accounts in their monthly publication of how the membership has come to the aid of other motorcycle enthusiast. In all those years, there has never been one complaint of abuse of the services members were willing to offer.

I personally have travelled from VT to Alaska without ever needing help from anyone but always carried the Anonomous Book with me.

I live on the east coast and noticed how many members there are as you move from Maine to Florida. I'm just wondering if WOA members would like to open themselves to those traveling through their waters.

Perhaps a list of the following would be considered; mechanical help, dock space, mooring available, some parts, laundry available, shower available, ride to market offered, etc.

It may be a way to stay closely connected with those who we share a passion with in a world that doesn't seem to care about anything but themselves.

Food for thought.

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