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Norm Rhines


The head sail thing for me is usally an all day thing (i.e. start small 215 stay that way 8hr min to be worth a sail change to the 300 on a foil you know) The exception is the drifter which is flown free and in light airs I use it if there looks to be more than 45 Min of dead air. As for reefing of course the jib rolls and unrolls easly, the stay sail is the second most active sail on my boat as it drops then is hoisted as the wind builds (the main is droping one notch for every reef so almost as active.) Agian I am showing my slothy behavior but if I am not going to see a steady drop in wind I will keep the reef in for at least 20min longer than I should for the boat performance.

As for storage (I use the space under the front bunk forward " the fiberglass well") I put the drifter in the head compartment over where people normaly have cabinets behind their sink. Lastly they just go in the forward berth on the ocean voyages no one is up there anyway. and all sails go through the forward hatch old style.

I am interested in the batten arangement you are thinking of and if you do it, I would be most interested in your results compaired to X.

I do add If you go unbattened on the main then the hollow is very important to kep the drive in the sail.

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