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Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

O.K. it is time. So, I would like some input and testimonials as to sailmakers if you would. We thought we would prefer a no roach/no-batten main. However, this shortened main by Kern has us curious, if only for the 18 inches of bare boom aft. I am not aware of any other sail makers who prescribes this. Do I understand correctly that it is fully battened? Next, is the jib. Glorious now carries a high clewed Yankee on roller. Seems a bit small at less than 64% of LP (about 245 sq. ft.). Seems like several boats run about 300 sq. footers? If we go for a larger headsail will we need a larger drum on the Profurl for more furling line? The 3/8" line pretty much takes all the room up now. We live in the Northwest (Oregon) and have some good lofts nearby. We also seem to have some pretty good winds along the coast (usually I think on the nose). That could help explain why we want to be south of the boarder next winter with new sails.
All input greatly appreciated,
Cathy and Gerald

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