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Dave King

Ahoy Rod, Where is Kern when we need him? Generally speaking, yes, the terms are interchangable. There usually is a differentiation though in details. The jib, on a cutter, is seldom a full hoist sail. If it is we tend to call it a Yankee here in the US. The jib does not overlap the mast. That is, it is under 100% of the fore triangle. On a cutter, the clew is best cut quite high as it must work in conjuntion with the staysail. The Genoa is a full, or nearly full, hoist sail. It is larger than 100% of the fore triangle. It is usually lower cut on the clew but not by definition. It may or may not be designed to work in conjunction with a staysail. Also, a Genoa may be designed for a stay other than the headstay. The forestay, or inner stay, or staysail stay may fly it's own Genoa. Thus the term Genoa staysail. Experience has shown that most Westsailors are happiest with a Yankee headsail or the "Super Yankee" produced by Kern Ferguson.
I hope this input is worth something?

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