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Mike McCoy


Sorry to take so long to respond... I somehow overlooked your questions.

Why did I buy an APEX? A fellow boater decided to buy a larger double floor APEX (he has a cat w/ davits). I picked it up from him used.

It wasn't so much in-depth research as adhearing to the ol 'when in Rome' adage... i.e. seeing/adopting what cruisers with far more experience than I was using.

I really wanted what I see most cruising, a Caribe. Not sure, but to my eyes Caribes (at least) look like their hypalon is thicker, more heavy duty somehow. The downside is their tubes are definately a larger diameter. That makes em 'bulkier' when stowed on deck (unless at least partially deflated). Not too biggy of a problem tho because most of the time you'll just tow the dinghy behind you anyway.

But the basic criteria for whatever I was going to replace my HP floor Zodiac with was:

1) a Hypalon RIB
2) a size that would fit on the foredeck
3) a weight I could handle myself.

So the 10' single floor APEX 'lightweight' model that suddenly came available seemed to fit the bill. And the $300 he asked for his "old" 2002 model played heavily in my purchase decision also

One thing to consider is the lightweight models from Caribe/APEX/etc. have a single floor (that is, in fact, the hull) to save weight.

While the double floor models have a nice flat deck (and sometimes stowage lockers) I always see people having to haul them ashore, etc. to drain the space between the hull & deck. Based on my ongoing battle with crap (etc.) growing under the high pressure floor of my Zodiac, no telling whats growing in the space between the deck & hull of a double floor dinghy.

I bought my Yamaha Enduro here in Guatemala. I don't really know if they are available stateside. Again, if not, I think it may be the lack of all that EPA 'stuff' and/or I'm thinking it's an export design intended for areas/people that don't have ready access to a Yamaha parts/service shop right down the street.

I do know it seems to be bulletproof and I can pretty much take the thing apart with a screwdriver and crescent wrench. And I like having a shear pin in the prop (instead of the pressed in hubs of the US models). My advice is if you run across one in good shape, buy it. However, the caveat might be (conversely) can you get Yamaha Enduro parts stateside?

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