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Mike McCoy

You may not have to go to the trouble of removing your caprail (BIG job!).

I had a chronic portside aft caprail leak since the day I bought my Westsail. When it rained I could look in the galley shelving behind the stove and see a trickle of water running down the inside of the hull just aft of the scuppers. It would run down the shelves, rust up cans & fill up my pots/pans stowed in the locker outboard of the stove. Then, traveling on, it would end up dripping on me on the port seetee (at the low point, just as the sheer began its rise to the bow).

I recaulked everything and still had the leak. I was to the point of placing a couple big sponges on the shelf against the hull where the trickle was, squeezing it out every so often during a rain.

I finally pinpointed the source by squirting a waterhose on various sections of the caprail, inboard & outboard, against various fittings, etc. then running below to see if the trickle showed up.

It turned out to be the 1 1/4" jibsheet track.

Instead of removing the track I used some 'Creepy Crawly Crack sealer'. It's a very thin, runny leak sealer that is available at R/V stores in the states (another boater loaned me theirs). I just squirted it along the track edge and via 'capillary action' it would migrate under the track.

My sponge (and head) have stayed dry since.

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