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Post: "Best Self Steering Windvane For W32?"

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Norm Rhines


I am not sure if it is just westsailors who try to build it themselves or what, but after Building a w32 from less than a bare hull (goobered together) I can tell you that in all but one case it would have been cheaper to buy the gold plated special from a manufacture. The one exception was the sink in the head which I used a 5qt ss mix bowel = 5.50USD and 1 hr labor. Vers 600.00 from one mfg.

I own a monitor it is fantastic and as far as I can tell not one person has ever complained about the design or its performance they are tops. New they go for around 3K +/- (Scanmar might go for a group rate? or a show rate?) But in any case (You, me or Joe could not fabricate there unit for there price it would cost us more?that is why they call it manufacturing") But if you own a weld shop and have free ss tube you could do it for about the same.

I have seen several system like the Pardeys and they reportedly work?, so if you are in a place that shipping and customs are real big $$$$$$$ but raw parts are available then that may be your best bet.

If you are in the USA, then just order a stock unit for list price. Write off next months marina, food and beer costs and apply them to the vane, as you are saving a months time and frustration buy not building it yourself. = not a bad deal unless you consider your time worthless.

In any case I wish you the best with what ever vane you finally decide to go with.


S/V Imagine
W32 1975 hull #564

P.s. The cool thing about Scanmar is that they make home repair easier then a redo it your self project. I have found there service better than excellent. But hey, they sent me a free (including shipping) short plastic air blade when I complained about my (10 year) old style wooden blade warping because I stored it where it was wet.

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