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Post: "Is It Really That Bad?"

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Norm Rhines

Good day Nathaniel:

I see you are looking to others for your information. In doing so you are getting it second hand which is always second rate.

I have a couple of comments.
1.) gentalmen don't sail to weather. That said, I have had the bird inside the blocks more than I would like = 30 off the wind also = stupid skiper due to lack of planing. Also if you like sailing to weather you could save a lot of $$ and just have some one beat you for your required time and required thrill.

2.) You can look at my log across to Hawaii www.imagine (dot) ws/hawaiitrip.html, with 12 + knots of wind 151Kt+ days are my standard. A couple less than the 36 which should show 162Kt/ day +/- on the sailor. On the other hand I was grateful for the w32 during the storm we had to run through.

3.) The bashing on the w32 is not all deserved, alot of the bad rapp, comes from folks who load ther boat poorly, sail it poorly, or have an extra 3 tons of stuff on board. ( I am guilty of 1.5) As for a wet boat I had a racer crew with me across, and he noted how dry my boat was compaired to his (of course he first started the voyage calling her a wetsnail) I also had to restrain him from puting up more canvas because my trip was a cruise not a race and her hull speed is 7.2 or 7.4Kts after which the rudder starts to load up.

4.) Some folks have won races with the w32, I am not one of them, as I am not into beating every thing and everyone to death. But for a 32' boat she is in my oppinion, as good as any in regard to cruising.

5.) If I do get another boat she will be 86 feet or longer with my own custom designed underbody. But of course this will require 2M + on my part.
not there yet.

6.) So my advice is sail one (ck the water line is below the front tang and below where the top gunon touches the hull. make sure the anchor chain is pulled back and not in the bow, make sure you could lift the contents of the stern locker) then take her for a sail (wind vanes are a great things to have.)

Best of luck:

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