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Post: "Is It Really That Bad?"

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Nathaniel (Guest)

I really like the safety/design/aura/size of the W32. I really like everything I?ve heard about them except for the performance issue. I?ll be frank in that I may never take one very offshore, but my wife is intimidated by the open ocean and safety at sea is her first concern, and I can?t find a safer boat in the W32?s class.

But the reputed?sails like a tank with a big flag on top? is disappointing, not to mention that the W32 is supposed to point as well as wilted celery. While one is leery about querying those who obviously truly love their boats, I would like to ask how much of this is real? Obviously her design is quite old and it will take a lot of air to get ten tons moving, but how often do folks actually run into this as a problem? How close will she point? There is a published plot of wind speed vs hull speed for the Fantasia, and is there something equivalent for the W32? I?ve heard claims that she would be forced to run under iron jenny of the time if compared to a modern design. The idea of wallowing while everyone else is sailing doesn?t sound like a lot of fun.

We live in the Pacific Northwest and when we decide on what kind of boat to purchase we plan on sailing down the coast to the Caribbean and after that it?s anyone?s guess. A Catalina 36 would get us there likely just as well, but not with the same sense of security.

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