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Michael Dougan

Kevin, don't know if it's typical of most Westsails, however, I believe that the Jib sheets would pass through the shrouds... depending on what you have for shrouds. I have two that go up to the mast directly, then one that goes up to the tip of the spreader, then the mast head. The sheet for the Jib goes inboard of the shroud to the spreader, but outboard of the two shrouds to the mast directly. Then, it threads between the lifelines down to a track that runs fore and aft on the side deck. There is a block there, which then feeds the line back to a self-tailing winch on either side.

My staysail is on a boom, and had a block that attaches to an eyebolt on the center-line of the boat, then leads back to the cockpit through a series of blocks.... so, just one sheet (good), though, the center-line eyebolt is a bad idea... you should really have some sort of free traveler setup for the staysail to get the proper downhaul on the staysail boom.

You can see more pictures if you browse around the site:



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