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Lawrence and Mayumi Wheeler

Thanks for responding. I have the first W32 that was built. She does not have the scuppers for drainage from the side decks that I have seen on the later boats. She used to have bronze drains, about 3/4"ID, that were embedded flush with and down through the teak deck near the aftermost end of the cabin top. The drain led to a short hose under the side deck that led to a through hull in the upper top sides. It was a complicated, leaky mess.

I removed my teak deck for reasons similar to yours and painted the underlying fiberglass deck. Now that the teak deck was gone, my boat had to rely for drainage upon the two short pieces of PVC pipe, 2"ID. They are embedded through the bulwarks to the topsides in two places on each side deck near the aftermost part of the cabin top. I have built up the side decks about a half inch with epoxy putty to raise the level of the deck to a line even with the bottoms of the drain pipes so that all rain water will drain off the boat. You may be right in assuming that that is one place where water may be infiltrating down below.

By the way, what do you mean by rebate? A rabbet? And, what is a barge board?

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