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Mike McCoy

I have tracks down the cabintop as well (although mine are outboard of the handrails). I've tried my staysail with & without the clew block and just can't get a decent sail shape. It must be due to the cut. It's just got too much 'belly' without the boom.

I'm lovin it down here. Some things more expensive, most cheaper IMHO. The cost of living is dirt cheap as long as you stay away from the gringo businesses (or those that predominantly do business with gringos). My monthly food bill is maybe $150-200 and I eat very well, eat at a restaurant maybe 3-4 times a week. Brunos bar has a 'Steak night' on Wed. You get a HUGE chunk 'o steak (tender, but cut unknown), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes/veggie, garlic bread & salad for under $6.75. More 'standard fare' dinner meals (ala meat loaf, pork chops, chix, etc.) run about 4-5 bucks. And we're talking a plate full of food. Not including drinks but they're similarly priced... beer/soda is about a buck, mixed drinks $1.25 (although I got charged $5 for a Tangurey/tonic once). The local orphanage is a farm and I support them by buying my meat from them. An 8-10 oz tenderloin is about $3, a couple 1.5" thick pork chops the same, a chix leg/thigh is $1.50. Staples (veggies, paper goods, etc.) are about 1/2 US prices. American cigs are $13/ctn and pot buds are $3-4 a baggie

Went shopping for 'Ropa Americana' (American clothes) and bought some Dickie canvas shorts for $3 and a really nice hawaiian silk shirt for $7. Clothes shopping is a roll of the dice/adventure though... you just gotta rummage thru the piles to find what you want. And the piles change almost daily.

OTOH, if you can't get it at the local ferreteria (hardware) store or from another boater, boat stuff can be pretty expensive. Maybe 1.5-2X the cost you're paying in the States. IF you can find it. And forget shipping stuff here. I was going to order a few things from Defender to see how long it took, shipping, etc.. Order ws for about $100 for 5lbs. Shipping for my order was $108 FedX economy and $120 for DHL! Scratch that. It's SOP for anyone coming down from the states to bring as much stuff with them as they can/will carry (btw, coming down here anytime soon?

However, I'm hearing/investigating a cheaper way of getting things here by having it first shipped to a container shipping agent in Miami and having it come over on a freighter.

Still, I've pretty much decided to keep the boat here permanently. Marina prices are comparable to the states (or maybe even cheaper) at $100-150/mo and .35/KW for power. And it's a hurricane safe 'home-base' close to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, etc. Continental flies out of Guat and it looks like a round trip ticket to the states is $350'ish.

I was expecting bugs galore (mosquitos, noseeums, etc.) but haven't been bothered one whit. I have yet to use my bug screens, bugspray, 'Skin So Soft', etc. But there are definately some wierd ones down here.

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