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Michael Dougan

I was hoping others would comment as I have a similar problem. I believe my tank is the original stainless and I suspect that I'm going to have to replace it, but as it's still mostly full I've been waiting to run it down a bit.

I've heard people say that over-filling the tank can cause a leak, particularly if you experience some large heel shortly thereafter... and this might apply to me, as I did fill it to the brim prior to a long voyage after which I first noticed the streaking etc. I would imagine that this would either be out of a vent or perhaps through the fill hose if the clamps are not tight enough.

But, the stainless tanks do go after a while... so, there is the possibility that it has corroded on the backside or on the bottom. One idea I haven't tried yet is to take a digital camera with a flash and hold it behind the tank and shoot a few pictures... it's a great trick for looking at places you can't quite get your head into!

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