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Michael Dougan

Hi Bud, before I drill permanent holes in my teak I really want to have a good understanding of what the various placements are actually going to do for me.

I did read your initial post carefully, and have faith that you've seen several installations where this has worked successfully.

But, when I go out with my tape measure and try to measure things out, that position does not appear to work given the angles involved.

The 5.9" extension will allow the tiller pilot arm to reach the centerline from where you are describing mounting it, however, the limiting factor is that the arm can only expand or contract by 5". So, the further out on the tiller you mount the attachment point, keeping the tiller pilot arm at 90 degrees to the tiller, the less the angle that the tiller is going to travel from one stop to the other.

The instructions suggest mounting the tiller arm at only 18" from the rudder post. You'd suggested that because the rudder is angled itself, you can go much further out on the tiller than the instructions recommend...

But, looking at the 10 inch travel distance of the tiller pilot arm, mounting the attachment point at 18" from the rudder post is going to allow the tiller to swing a 32 degree arc. This is actually a wider arc than my sampson posts allow.

Going out to 36", the tiller can swing a 16 degree arc (well within the sampson posts).

Going out to 54", which is about where the tiller pilot would attach in the configuration you suggested, there would only be a 10 degree swing of the tiller, and while this might be enough to keep the boat on course, maybe, it certainly would never tack the boat.

I'm thinking that at about 24" out from the rudder post, this will give me about 24 degrees of swing in the tiller, just inside the limits of the sampson posts... and from experience I know that this is enough to tack the boat (though, if I'm in a hurry, I need to put it hard over to the stern pulpit).

24" out from the rudder post puts it a bit behind the lazerette hatch cover, and even a bit aft of the curve of the caprail. So, I don't think I can even use the curve of the caprail as a mounting surface.

I could... I've heard from some people who have, successfully, it just doesn't sound like I'll get the travel on the tiller arm that I'm expecting if I go that far out. Am I missing something here?

Thanks again for your input, I could never even know where to start without your valuable advice.


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