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Bud Taplin


That seam line is described on Page D-2 of my Westsail Service Manual. As follows:

On the Westsail 42 and 43, this seam also ex-tends on the aft portion of the keel on either side, from just below the prop opening forward and down about six feet. This is because this was a third piece to the hull mold, and it was laminated separately, and attached when the hull halves were bonded together. This put the centerbond laminating seam on the sides of the hull where they could be reached and properly bonded together, instead of down deep in a narrow keel end where it would not have been possible to do a proper job of centerbonding. If the bottom paint shows signs of lifting or cracking along this seam, then scrape it out, fill with epoxy putty, and seal over with epoxy resin.

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This site is provided as service to Westsail Owners by  Jack Webb (s/v Drifter, Westsail 32, Hull #438)