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David Wiencke

Lying ahull and heaving-to will work up to the point when waves begin curling and beaking (so I've read), because of the risk of getting rolled. Lying ahull can be uncomfortable due to rocking and rolling. When heaving-to, sails steady the boat and reduce the rolling , but may require adjustment as conditions change.

As for handling extreme conditions in double-enders, also read Bernard Moitessier's account of sailing in the southern ocean in 'Cape Horn, the logical route', where he cuts the trailing warps (scary waves overtaking boat)after recalling that Vito Dumas (sailing in a copy of the Eric) actively sailed/steered in those conditions. Of course unlikely any of us will see those conditions, unless we go looking for it.

We got a freak, and unforecast 3' of snow in Minnesota (the great 'Halloween Blizzard'), same storm system involved in the perfect storm. My Cape Dory Typhoon got frozen in White Bear Lake in the cold snap after that storm.

Greetings Dick: Love reading your blog, especially through these winter months ahead.

I second the advice of raising those storm sails in milder conditions to work out how the sheets run etc., also practicing heaving-to, maybe with the storms'ls set, and even lying ahull, in gradually stronger conditions.

I wonder about how difficult it might be to actually deploy (and UNdeploy?)a drogue in extreme conditions. I can picture a potenial handfull on deck.


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