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Post: "Best Position For Batteries Placement?"

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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Great thoughts.

This project is weighing heavily on my mind. Recently, I discovered an old survey our fearless leader did on the boat years ago. Bud recommended proper battery boxes way back then (for serious offshore work). Lot's of authors agree. We've been using the black plastic boxes. One fairly new battery (marine grade) broke a cell and cracked its case after a couple of short offshore trips. In turn the black plastic exterior protective case cracked, luckily in the top half. Battery acid (probably diluted with our distilled water) started leaking into the bilge anyway due to our overfilling the damaged cell, luckily at the dock while we were there trying to top off the untoppable battery cell. Used Cholorox bleach and water to neutralize, I believe. Lots of flushing water. No damage, just needed new battery and case, again marine grade, as my research indicates the plates and case are built extra-heavily.

They say the batteries lose some efficiency in a hot engine room, but I cannot bear the thought of taking up valuable inboard stowage space, especially with so much space availabe in the engine room. So, I'm inclined to mount the new boxes in the engine room per Bud's comments. There are already shelves port and stbd. of the engine on the bulkhead. Maybe the hydro cap gizmos will still be a good idea.
My plan is to build marine plywood and epoxy/fiberlgass cloth covered boxes per Nigel Calder's design.
I suppose that Trojan golf cart batteries come in different sizes and dimensions. Can anybody tell me any of the dimensions and model numbers on the ones that work well on our W32s, please?
The battery boxes are going to cost some time and money and I'd like them to do double duty on my current batteries and the eventual conversion to Trojans.

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