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Post: "Best Position For Batteries Placement?"

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Jeff Matthiae


To help keep up with the battery water level there are various replacement caps to help limit water loss. There are also self-filling systems. I think I first read about them in a discussion on the SSCA board, you may wish to search that. A quick google came up with:




I have not tried these yet but they look like a good option. I'm currently using 4 Trojan J305H 6V batteries for the house bank and they only need water every couple of months. I'm usually on a float charge now that I'm back in the water. The six months that I was out of the water but still living aboard they were discharged and recharged (using a portable generator to run the charger) every day or two and I only had to add water two or three times.

For a starting battery I really like the Optima 1000M, same as the Optima 34M listed in Defender. They are a little pricey but I wouldn't even consider anything else. I have two, one for the engine and one under the V-Berth for the windlass. Some of the new chargers have a setting for the Optima. On my last boat I charged them with the AGM's. Now they are charged as wet cells using the stock Beta alternator with internal regulation. I haven't even bothered to tie them into the charger for the house bank. They will also hold a charge much longer than wet cells, I have no problem cranking the engine on the occasions that I went 2 or 3 months without starting it.


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