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Post: "Best Position For Batteries Placement?"

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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek


Would like to build battery boxes and relocate batteries, if possible, for better access and maintaince. Am thinking of converting to Trojan golf cart batteries for the house bank.

My W32 batteries are one starter battery mounted on a shelf just aft of the forward engine bulkhead, stbd. side, plus two house batteries mounted on a shelf straddling athwartship above the packing gland. They are in the commcercial black plastic containers. They are all about 150 amphours, if I recall correctly. The house batteries are wet and need topping off with water regularly (and slosh some), and one cracked and cracked the plastic housing (bad).

I would like to get the location as right as possible for ease of maintenance and remove weight from the extreme aft end of the boat.

Any suggestions for relocating, especially the two house batteries in a proper box?

Also, with a dedicated starter battery, I am thinking of doubling that battery Have you ever seen or recommended two dedicated starter batteries.
Thanks in advance.

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